The Plant Trivia TimeLine

The Plant Trivia TimeLine is extensive, well over 100 pages of normal text. That makes the TimeLine too unwieldy to load as a single webpage. I’m offering two options, therefore. You can browse a PDF using the blue box below. Further down, I provide a segmented version, offered as webpages.

To browse the entire TimeLine, follow the link, or hit DOWNLOAD below for a 2 megabyte PDF of the Plant Trivia TimeLine (PTTL), with entries covering developments of note in the history of people-plant interactions. Topics range across many fields: agriculture, art, descriptive botany, ecology, food science, forestry, gardening, indigenous use, industry, landscape, medicine, natural history, and physiology. Take a moment to browse the appended Footsteps section, which attempts to create subject-area context for some of the TimeLine entries.

The TimeLine as WebPages…

Ancient History: BP – 1450

Age of Printing and Discovery: 1450-1700

Awakening of Science & Industry: 1700-1800

Biology & Agriculture Emerge: 1800-1849

Society Conquers Nature: 1850-1900

Humans Take the Reigns: 1900-1953

The Natural World Retaliates: 1953-Future


Attempting to complement the TimeLine, I’m working through the chronology to craft more complete stories about historical development of ideas. I group these essays as Footsteps, offering breadcrumb explanations as to how society has arrived at our understanding of plants.

Footsteps – Botanical History in Cultural Context

Footsteps – Cells as the Basis of Life

Footsteps – Systematics

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