Mulberry:  We make yet another stretch by including Mulberry in this discussion.  I do not recall having ever seen these fruit in a market, and am not aware of a host of recipes or usages for Mulberries.  To me, it as a curiosity.  But the Mulberries we grow at The Huntington are tasty and people enjoy sampling them.

Maturing fruit of White Mulberry, Morus alba

Botanists group Mulberries with other plants in the Fig family.  A Systematist would categorize these fruit with Figs, Hops, and Breadfruit.

Fruitwise, a Mulberry may look a bit like some peculiar Raspberry, but they are not comparable.  Think of a Mulberry as an inside-out Fig, made of a central stem bearing a linear cluster of juicy fruit.  Each individual bead is a small, individual fruit, produced by a one of over a hundred tine flowers clustered along the stem. That means the dispersal unit is a multiple fruit, which a Carpologist would call a Sorosus. In Dr. Spjut’s world of fruit types, Mulberry would be exhibited with the very unrelated Pineapples. 

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