Essays & Footsteps:

Development of Systematic Botany – Footsteps in Systematics

Historical Context for Development of our Understanding of Plants – Botanical Footsteps – Cultural Context


Beautiful and Wicked – A gorgeous silk textile in the Huntington Gallery invokes dangerous imagery.

Bittersweet – There are storm clouds behind Pinkie, as her likeness floats on walls of the Huntington Gallery.

Botanical Poets Laureate – Texts in the Library document poetic dedication to plants in homage to classical verse and anticipation of the age of science.

Civil Oranges – From Shakespeare to Syphilis, the same lessons are re-learnt.

Clawback from the Grave – Linnaeus was accomplished in many things, including rewarding the right people.

Dumbwatches – Ancient clock faces in Huntington Galleries may become as intelligent as the Sarracenias in the Rose Hills Conservatory.

Founding Palms – George Washington stands all around us.

From Rags to Riches – Linen is not simply a “hard to iron” fabric, but for Europeans, it proceeded cotton as the fabric of our lives.

Noble Seed – Laurel frames accomplishment in an ancient world of plant symbolism.

Scandalous Connections – Tales of Lady Hamilton stretch into the Gardens.

Six Books on Plants, Poetry, People, and Politics – The enthusiasm of Abraham Cowley, a new-found herbalist.

Super Suber – Hooke’s Micrographia (in the Library Beautiful Science exhibit) connects powerfully to biology.

The Pinnacle of Hospitality – One Huntington treasure is the first known illustration of a pineapple.

There is Death in the Pot – An 1820 treatise in the Library rare book collection establishes the colorful Friedrich Accum as an early whistleblower regarding food adulteration.

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