Apples & Pears

Apples & Pears:  Almost everyone will know that Apples and Pears are considered Pomes, a term derived from pomum (Latin for apple).  Morphologists enjoy reminding audiences that the crisp flesh of an apple is stem tissue, while the five star-like rays at the core are its carpels (and thus the fertile tissue).  

Of course, Apples are among the most beautiful and colorful items in the market, anchoring any main fruit display.  Pears show up here also, though they are more seasonal in appearance.  We used to separate Pears and Apples into two genera, Pyrus and Malus respectively.  But anymore, Botanists lump them together in the single genus Pyrus (perhaps following the Biblical dictate to have malice for none)….  

‘Golden Dorset’ Apples do well in Southern California

If you want to see incredible Pears, take a trip to Japan and admire gift fruit in the fabulous Department Store food emporia.  A single pear can cost the equivalent of ten dollars.  If you have a yen for this, it may be the most incredible pear you ever ate.